Titanium Bolt Action Retractable Pen

Due to many requests I have made a run of the pens in 6 AL-4V titanium. All the specs are the same as the other pens except the upper and lower barrels are made of titanium. Please note: There will NOT be any grooves put on this pen, no "one-offs"

This maxmadco retractable pen is machined from 6 AL-4V titanium for the upper and lower pen barrels. The pocket clip and the torx screws are stainless steel. The feel is solid but well balanced, so writing for long periods of time is comfortable. The retractable, spring loaded mechanism is fast, simple and easily operated with one finger or thumb from either right or left hand. There are no parts to wear out so it will give trouble free service. The refill is the Itoya, Black 0.7 mm. The pen was designed to have a simple but elegant look. It is quite unique and is suitable for everyone. Proudly made in the USA. The free leatherette cases are no longer available and will be replaced with a square plastic tube. Specifications Material: 6AL-4V titanium Diameter: 3/8 in Length: 5.1 in Weight: 1 ounce Refill: Itoya, Black Gel 0.7 mm.  Please read the "faq" on the front page for pen information.

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