Bolt Action Retractable Pen, Lightweight - Black

The maxmadco retractable lightweight pen is made from a high strength to weight aluminum and hard anodized black. The pocket clip and the torx screws are of stainless steel.

This lightweight pen is identical to the original stainless steel pen with the exception of the material to provide it's extraordinary light weight of 21 grams.

The concept was to produce a tough light weight pen, lighter than if it were made of titanium and provide a  care free finish.

This is the pen for those that thought the stainless steel pen a bit heavier than they wanted but still not have any difference in overall strength.

The feel is solid and well balanced but you may be surprised when you pick it up for it seems lighter than it looks.

The retractable, spring loaded mechanism is fast, simple and easily operated with one finger or thumb from either right or left hand.

There are no parts to wear out so it will give trouble free service.

The refill is the Itoya, Black 0.7 mm

The pen was designed to have a simple but elegant look.

It is quite unique and suitable for everyone.

Proudly made in the USA.

 Very high quality machining.

The free leatherette cases are no longer available and will be replaced with a square plastic tube.

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Material: High strength to weight aluminum

Finish: Hard black anodize

Diameter: 3/8"

Length: 5.1"

Weight: 22 grams!

Refill: Itoya, Black Gel 0.7 mm